Aluminum alloy cable characteristic

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Characteristics of aluminum alloy cable


Aluminum alloy cable is suitable for 0.6/1KV-35KV voltage pole, aluminum alloy cable has good mechanical properties and electrical properties, so that it can be widely used in various fields of the national economy.

Second, implementation standards

The aluminum alloy cable is GB/T31840-2015 standard.

The utility of characteristics

1. The maximum long-term operating temperature of the conductor shall not exceed 90 degrees.

2. The ambient temperature when laying the cable shall not be lower than -25 degrees, and the minimum bending radius shall be 7 times of the diameter of the cable.

3. High creep property, high flexibility, high elongation, increased tensile strength, safe and stable connection.


1, can be laid in indoor, outdoor, pipe, line groove, cable trench and other environments.It can be installed in dry or wet places and can be directly buried in loose soil or directly buried in cement.

2, has excellent physical properties, heat resistance, aging resistance, combustion does not release corrosive gas and toxic body, its environmental protection characteristics in line with modern fire safety requirements.

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