Aluminum cable demands rapid growth over next five years

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Aluminum cable demands rapid growth over next five years

Since the cable plays a crucial 'medium' role in the entire power transfer. So as to promote the implementation and the progressive urbanization of the West-East transport, power grids and other projects, the demand for cable is also showing a rising trend. According to the "2012 China's wire and cable industry analysis report," said the next five years, the market capacity of the power cable will be 8% -9% annual rate of growth.

In China, copper cable is the most well known, it accounted for almost half of the country's cable market.Copper cables with high strength, large carrying capacity characteristics.

Recently, that more and more users and project developers began to sights on a new alloy conductor material - aluminum alloy AA8030 conductors. AA8030 aluminum alloy conductor material production of aluminum cable, the electrical performance and safety are extremely advantageous in the United States and Europe have been fairly widespread application, market statistics show that aluminum cable cable market share in Europe and has more than nine percent.

According to experts, aluminum cable is AA-8000 (8030) series aluminum alloy material as a conductor, using a special process and annealing squeezing other advanced technology to produce new high-tech cables on electrical performance , cost-effective security performance, and the practical application point of view aluminum cable replace copper cable has obvious advantages in the integrated aluminum cable electrical properties, such as: life, conductivity, creep resistance, tensile strength and weight on than the traditional copper cable performance even more outstanding. Under conditions of equal ampacity, the weight of aluminum cable is only 1/2 of ordinary copper. Aluminum alloy material price advantage is obvious, to meet the same electrical properties of the premise, the project cost aluminum cable than copper cable cost is lower than 50%.

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