China National State Grid will invest 16 billion reais in Brazil

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China National State Grid will invest 16 billion reais in Brazil

China electricity giant, the National State Grid Company plans to invest 15 billions reais by 2020 in Brazil, including the two large transmission line projects investment of Brazil Belo Monte. Belo Monte power station is located in the Belo River in west of Brazil, the generated electricity will delivery to the southeast of Brazil,total length of the two transmission lines are more than 2000km. In addition, the national grid’s budget also including the other transmission lines project of Brazil National Power Energy Agency (ANEEL) of in future.

General manager of the national power grid Brazil company said that ,in 2016 the company plans to invest at least 1.6 billion in Brazil .

Only in these two transmission projects of Belo Monte dam power station, the state grid will spend at least 10 billion reais. In the first line, state grid occupy 51% and Brazil Eletronorte electric power company and Furnas electric power company occupy 24.5% each.

According to speculation in 2014, the national state grid will invest 2.5 billion in the first power transmission project. The national state grid will be fully owned and responsible for the construction and operation of the second transmission line, has an estimated investment of 7 billion reais.

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