The future of wire and cable industry -- great potential for development

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The future of wire and cable industry -- great potential for development

With the continuous expansion of China's power industry, data communication industry, urban rail transit industry, automobile industry, shipbuilding and other industries, the demand for wire and cable will also grow rapidly, and there is a huge potential for the development of wire and cable industry in the future. Moreover, the sustained and rapid growth of China's economy provides a huge market space for power cable products. The strong temptation of the Chinese market. In the short decades of reform and opening up, the huge production capacity formed by China's cable manufacturing industry has made the world sit up and take notice.

The wire and cable industry is the second largest industry in China, second only to the automobile industry, with product variety satisfaction rate and domestic market share both exceeding 90%.In the world, China's total output value of wire and cable has exceeded the United States, become the world's largest producer of wire and cable. With the rapid development of China's wire and cable industry, the number of new enterprises keeps rising, and the overall technical level of the industry has been greatly improved.

Domestic cable technology upgrading and product innovation capacity is insufficient, the vast majority of production enterprises tend to only value short money, resulting in the loss of high-end market. Coupled with the cable industry belongs to the heavy materials for light industry, with copper prices on the market and all kinds of raw materials prices rose sharply, wire and cable bidding price is transparent and relatively low, enterprise in accordance with the industry standard and gb production, strictly implement process, will inevitably losses, therefore the present domestic cable industry in deep mire of low price competition, product quality is worrying.

China's cable industry from big and strong not only needs the efforts of cable production enterprises, but also can not leave the advanced cable equipment. Do a special fine cable products and cable equipment is conducive to the entire wire and cable industry technology progress and the improvement of economic benefits, enhance the competitiveness of China's cable industry, improve international influence, in order to really make China from a big country to a powerful country wire and cable.

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