Wire and cable industry industry status

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Wire and cable industry industry status

From China's wire and cable industry in the global competition in the market is difficult to occupy a dominant position, as well as domestic wire and cable manufacturers for high-end product development deficiencies, low corporate profits and other issues, so as to extend a number of wire and cable in the Chinese mainland despite the brand, but the lack of international well-known brand. For now, their foreign counterparts in addition to a very small number of large companies have a better understanding than for many other brand wire and cable is poorly understood.

Of course, the inevitable, China's wire and cable manufacturer profits is another important reason is that the rising production costs, among raw material prices such as copper prices high above the main reason. As we all know, the cable industry is a heavy industry light material, finished cable in copper and other raw materials accounted for about 90% of the total cost. In recent years, the impact of fluctuations in copper prices affected the price of the cable is an increasing and highly volatile. And money problems dragging buy a house together with wire wire serious, so wire and cable manufacturers in compelling circumstances, the vicious circle can only be owed copper and other raw materials manufacturers money, thus forming a wire and cable industry's credit crisis.

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